Developing the art community

One of my goals as an artist is to expand the art community.   I teach classes focusing on specific skills and host workshops and studio days that allow others to work in my studio.    The workshops and studio days expand the community and allow others to create art with shared resources in a community studio evnironment instead of solo.


Mosaic Workshops: Every Friday Afternoon 2-5 PM

Join the group!     Fun With Mosaics

Learn how to create tile or glass mosaics. Start a new project or continue an existing project.


Use my materials and tools or bring your own.  Friendly and fun environment. All levels welcome. All basic materials included. 

This is your opportunity:  for just $20, see if you like mosaics, learn a new technique, meet new friends, work in a fully stocked studio. We always have a wonderful Friday afternoon of community and art.

Shatter Glass Mosaic Class: Aug 5, 6, 2016

In 2 days of workshop beginners will learn the process of working with tempered glass and create several small pieces while intermediate students will be guided through their own project.

Fused Glass

Beginning classes: Aug 15, 16, 2016

Learn the basics of glass fusing, including cutting, materials and tools.  The first day you will create a couple of small pieces with different materials and techniques.  Much of the second day involves guided application of techniques to create your first 9" plate. 


Creating components:  Sept 14, 15, 2016

This class focuses on understanding the melting properties to create small components which can then be incorporated into larger pieces or used as tessera in mosaics.

Studio Time/Project Support: July 21, Aug 9 2016
Working at my studio is an option if you want to borrow tools, and/or have access to advice or help with your project.