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Studios in Los Altos and San Francisco

Kathy Richardson works out of a home studio space in Los Altos California.   The playful flower bouquet mosaic adorning the studio creates a welcoming space for the artist, classes, and community art.


The SF studio is part of a community space:  The Box Shop in San Francisco.  This facilitates larger works and steel fabrication, and collaboration with other artists on  variety of projects.   

Kathy is a member of the Flaming Lotus Girls, who also work out of the Box Shop


I'm a techie turned artist, living in Silicon Valley.

As tile and glass artist, I work in both the architectural and fine art spaces. My art is designed to bring joy to the owner. Most pieces are intended to bring a bright focus to a room or space. I love commissioned works where I collaborate with the owner to create just the right piece for a space.

I use fused glass and mosaic art to create decorative items, fine art pieces, and architectural installations. Glass and tile are beautiful and lasting materials that allow a great range of expression, from a small candy dish to a full patio mosaic. Much of my personal work incorporates themes of California including native poppies, fractured geology, and local architecture.

Art should be an expression of its owner and the context in which it is presented. My most satisfying projects are collaborations with clients that incorporate their themes and materials into the finished piece, making it truly an expression of the owner.

Artist Statement

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